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proactive measure against water seepage

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Gutter Repair and Downspout Extensions

Downspout Extensions and Repair

Gutter repair and downspout extensions are important things to consider when ensuring your home has a proper drainage system. A proper yard drainage system is designed to direct water away from your home. If water does not flow away from the building properly, it will then begin to build up in the soil around your home, causing a rise in the hydrostatic pressure (the pressure exerted on the outside of your basement walls due to the buildup of moisture in the soil) around your home. When this happens, it may cause wall or floor cracks to appear in your basement. These wall and floor cracks can lead to both basement waterproofing and foundation issues. Our experts are trained to identify and repair the main causes of basement waterproofing issues, and too often we find that most homeowners have neglected to take care of their yard drainage systems.

This is why Gutter repair and downspout extensions are something which you should not neglect because it allows other issues to occur throughout your home. This applies to every system in your home, because the failure of one thing will only impact another negatively. If you have noticed any basement leaks or cracks in your basement walls and floors, then the underlying problem causing these issues is more than likely a yard drainage issue.

How Improper Gutter Maintenance Causes Basement Leaks

Gutter Repair

The number one reason why problems occur in the gutter system is due to a lack of maintenance. This is why it is very important to have an expert inspect your gutters and ensure that they are properly functioning. Having a properly functioning gutter and downspout system will ensure that your home remains protected from water damage after heavy rains. Gutters do two things for your home: they collect water preventing it from getting behind the siding and ruining the walls of your home, and they direct water away from the home preventing the buildup of groundwater near your home. To check and see if you have excess groundwater near your home, you can go outside and look for large puddles in your yard or soggy areas of ground near your home after it rains.

Another common issue with gutters is that when they are not cleaned regularly then water can build up and sit in your gutters, causing rust and damage to the gutters over time. In extreme cases, water pooling up may even cause your gutters to burst open, and no longer function at all. This typically happens within the winter months due to the water freezing. Your gutters may appear fine, but you may discover leaks in your gutter whenever spring rolls around, and the ice melts. This can cause water to fall directly onto the ground below, right next to your foundation, instead of directing it properly away from your home

Gutters should be kept free of debris, leaves, sticks, or animals in order to prevent the buildup of water. Downspouts need to be fully functional, with the extension going out at a very minimum of 6' from the home, and should preferably let out the water 8' away from the home. This will allow water to flow away from the home rather than allowing it to fall closer to the home where there is a greater chance that it will cause an unnecessary buildup of hydrostatic pressure. Our team at Proactive Structure Solutions can repair damaged gutters and install proper downspout extensions to prevent the buildup of water around your home. If you have noticed excess groundwater around your home or cracks in your basement walls, you should contact us to perform inspection immediately.

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If you have noticed any of the issues above then you may be in need of our gutter repair and downspout extension services. Proactive Structure Solutions has a team of qualified professionals with years of experience dealing with gutters and are experts at replacing them and installing downspout extensions. When we are scheduled to do a job, one of our experts will perform a quality, thorough inspection of the entire gutter system, and take notes in order to provide an accurate and fair estimate for repairs.

We at Proactive Structure Solutions are happy to help in any way we can. If left unchecked, the repair costs will skyrocket due to further damage being caused to the home. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call us at 630-447-8207 or contact us on our online contact form to sign up for an appointment.