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Basement Floor Crack Repair

Leaky Basement Floor Crack Repair

Floor Cracks are bad for your home and should be addressed as soon as they are found. If floor cracks are left untreated for long enough, they can lead to a number of issues in your basement, including basement leaks, wall cracks, and other moisture-related issues. Our team at Proactive Structural Solutions are experts in providing floor crack repair services for homeowners in the northern Illinois area who are dealing with a wet basement.

There are a number of ways to repair floor cracks, including floor staples, epoxy injections, and polyurethane crack filling. Many contractors will attempt to repair floor cracks by only adding floor staples to keep the floor cracks from spreading, but these solutions are only temporary and do not properly seal the crack. Our team uses a patented low-pressure polyurethane foam injection technique to fill and seal cracks in basement floors. This method of floor crack repair is designed to stop water from entering your basement at the source from both inside the crack and outside of the foundation footer.

How Do Floor Cracks Allow Water Into Your Basement?

When you see water in your basement, it isn't always easy to tell where the source of the basement leak is. However, if you have also noticed cracks in your basement floor, then it is likely that these are the main cause of any water intrusion into your basement. As water builds up in the soil around your home it causes a great deal of pressure, known as hydrostatic pressure, on your basement walls and floors. This water will always seek out areas of lower pressure, taking the path of least resistance. If you have wall or floor cracks in your basement, these areas will provide a path for the water to flow into your home. If these areas are left unsealed, over time they will continue to cause basement waterproofing issues for your home.

There are a variety of ways that water can enter your basement other than floor cracks. Some of these include basement wall cracks, damaged downspouts or gutters, and improper yard grading. All of these are ways that water can enter your basement and damage your property. Our staff at Proactive structure solutions can help you identify any of these causes of basement water leaks during our home inspection process.

Why Do Floor Cracks Occur?

Floor Cracks occur due to hydrostatic pressure, caused over time by the flowing of water in the soil around, and underneath your home. When enough hydrostatic pressure builds up, your basement floor can begin to crack causing a myriad of other problems. These issues include basement flooding, humidity issues in your home, and mold growth which can be toxic to you, your family, and your pets. This is why it is important to catch the issue early on. If you notice any small floor cracks, don't hesitate to call our experts to schedule an inspection to see if there are any other areas being affected. Our experts are trained in the proper identification of floor cracks and in providing professional floor crack repair services.

How We Repair Floor Cracks

Floor Crack Repair

When our team at Proactive Structural Solutions repairs floor cracks, we start by performing a complete inspection of your basement walls and floors. From here, if there are cracks that are allowing water into your basement, we will inject either an epoxy resin filler or an expanding polyurethane foam into the crack to seal it permanently. We obtain all of these materials locally from their manufacturers in Illinois. If the epoxy resin fill or expanding polyurethane foam is not strong enough to keep the crack from spreading and allowing more water into your basement, we will use a patented carbon fiber repair technique as well to strengthen the area around the crack keeping it from spreading further.

Contact Us For Floor Crack Repair

If you notice any floor cracks in your basement, it is crucial to schedule an inspection early immediately. If left unchecked, the problem can only get worse causing other problems in your home and other much more costly repairs. If you have questions or concerns or wish to schedule an inspection, please feel free to contact us at 630-447-8207 or you can schedule an appointment online by filling out our online contact form.