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proactive measure against water seepage

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Professional Garage Door Lintel Repair Services

Garage Lintle Sagging

Our team at Proactive Structure Solutions offer professional lintel repair services for garages with sagging lintels. Our LintelLift product is a patented system that is installed either after your garage lintel has begun to sag or during construction to prevent a sagging garage lintel. This system was designed and tested to guarantee the proper and permanent repair of sagging garage lintels.

Many garages with lintels supported by brickwork may never see sagging as the bricks will provide enough support, however if the brick load is larger than average or if environmental conditions cause the support to weaken over time, it is important that you have a system in place that can prevent damage to your home. A damaged garage lintel can cause serious damage to the structure of your home and can also prevent the garage door from functioning properly. If you have noticed that your garage lintel is sagging or you are having issues opening your garage door you should contact our expert to see if our garage lintel repair service is the correct solution for you.

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Garage Lintel Repair

How The LintelLift System Protects Your Home

The LintelLift system is engineered to lift a straight plane. The columns on the sides are designed with lift bolts that are adjusted to contact the ends of the installed angle iron with machined pivot points. This allows the column to be stood up one end at a time and fastened to the existing garage door supports. Once both columns are vertical with the LintelLift under the sagging lintel, the bolds are tightened, lifting the load while removing the sag. Once straightened the sagging lintel and brick is now lifted and stabilized against any future settlement. After the repairs have been made the iron structure of our LintelLift system will be covered in a vinyl kit specially made to accent your home while hiding the structural repair.

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If you have noticed that your garage lintel is sagging you can contact our experts. We are certified installers of a patented lintel repair system known as the LintelLift. Get started on your garage lintel repair today by contacting our experts online.